Driving Across the US

This post doesn’t really fit in with the rest of my blog, but technology and persuit of an open source dream are what lead me on this little adventure. When I was given an opportunity to work for Red Hat, a global leader in enterprise server software, I packed my things and was on the road within a week. I was fortunate enough that my fiance, Jake, understood my passion when it came to my career, so he was there by my side even as I drove across the continent like a crazy person.

The map below outlines the road trip I took with Jake in the past year, from Alaska to Massachusetts. It was split up into two separate trips, one to Oregon, and the other to Massachusetts.


We traveled more than 7,366 miles, over the course of two weeks (total travel time). Our route included some major detours, like stopping in the Silicon Forest to do some contract work for Intel (before I got the Red Hat job), then some more scenic detours like the Grand Canyon, on our way to Massachusetts.

Here are some still pictures from my Picasa:

And here is a time-lapse video of the entire drive from Oregon to Massachusetts.


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